National Express Annual Reports and Accounts 2011

Annual Report and Accounts 2011


National Express Group PLC recognises the importance of providing websites that are accessible to all users. Therefore this site is designed to meet the Accessibility Guidelines set by W3.

National Express Group PLC has been developed to comply to level AA conformance of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

This page explains:


The National Express Annual Report website has been developed to support internet users who have disabilities. We believe the web pages on the site meet all of the priority 1 and 2 criteria of W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Screen reader/voice browser/screen magnifier users

Navigation mechanisms have been built that are accessible by screen readers and voice browsers. Text equivalents of all images have been provided. Alternative mechanisms have been provided where JavaScript is used within the site.

Colour-blind users

We have checked the site font and background colour combinations for the different colour-blindness conditions and ensured that items are not referenced by colour alone.

Keyboard-only users

The web pages on the site have been tested for use in keyboard only operation.

Guidance on how to change the font size

Users can change the font size through the browser by applying the following steps:

Internet Explorer

Select 'View', then 'Text Size' and then your preferred size.

With the increasing lack of compatibility with modern web standards, we have made the decision to remove support for IE6. In order to improve your web browsing experience please download the latest update here


Select 'View', then 'Zoom' and then 'Zoom In'.



Hold down the command key on your keyboard. On Macintosh computers, the command key is indicated by an Apple or a cloverleaf symbol.

Press the '+' key to increase the font size or the '-' key to decrease the font size. Do this while still holding down the command key

What to do if you have questions or feedback

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the accessibility of this site, please contact us at