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Going for gold: Kent sprinter to receive coach name honour
12 Apr 2012

Ashford born sprinter Nick Leavey is to unveil a National Express coach named in honour of his impressive sporting achievements.

25 year old Nick is a rising star of UK athletics and was most recently selected to represent Great Britain in the 4x400m relay at the European Indoor Championships in Paris - the team finished in silver medal position.

The special coach dedication will take place at Canterbury bus station on Saturday 14 April 2012, in the city where Nick attended school as a youngster.  National Express sponsor the Commonwealth Games England (CGE) team and have also provided 2010 CGE medallists with free coach travel to assist with training for the next Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Nick said: "The free travel from National Express will make a huge difference to me as a competing athlete both now and in the lead up to the Olympics in 2012 and the Commonwealth Games in 2014.  I currently balance my time between Middlesex and Kent, so travel is a big part of my life and the easier it is, the better I can focus on my training."

The dedicated coach, which will travel hundreds of miles between Salisbury, Heathrow and London every week, will carry Nick's name at the entrance door and underneath the driver's window.

"Having the coach named after me is a great honour; it is such a visible way of showing support for athletes and the hard work we put in to win medals for our country.  I'm very proud to compete for England and Great Britain and I'd like to sincerely thank National Express for their support."  Nick added.

Danny Elford, Commercial Director of Kings Ferry, which is part of National Express Group said: "We're proud to support emerging British sports stars such as Nick by providing unlimited free coach travel to assist with their training and competitions. 

We've dedicated coaches to sportsmen and women across the country and are delighted to unveil this special design in recognition of Nick's achievements in the Commonwealth Games.  Hopefully it will raise awareness of the commitment and dedication that these young people show to British sport."

National Express' free travel initiative enables all medal winning athletes from the 2010 Commonwealth Games England team to attend training, competitions and championships up and down the country, as well as trips to visit family and friends.

National Express has also painted one of its coaches gold in honour of the athletes who are currently training and competing to represent England at the next Commonwealth Games.  The coach travels between London, Brighton and Heathrow Airport covering an average of 150,000 miles per year - the equivalent of running 5,725 marathons.