Board leadership and Company purpose

Role of the Board

Collectively responsible to the company’s shareholders for the long-term sustainable success of the company, by providing effective leadership, establishing the company’s Purpose and Values and monitoring its culture, setting the company’s strategy and overseeing its delivery within a framework of internal controls, setting the company’s risk appetite and reviewing its principal and emerging risks and taking other decisions reserved to it. Board members act for the benefit of shareholders while taking into account the interests of a range of other stakeholders and other factors in accordance with their duties, including under section 172(1) of the Companies Act 2006. Information about each of the members of the Board can be found on our Leadership page.

The Board has a formal schedule of matters specifically reserved to it for its consideration.

Board Reserved Matters.

Board Committees

The Board delegates certain of its responsibilities to standing Board Committees. Further details about these Committees can be found on our Committees page.

Company purpose

The Company’s purpose reflects the Board’s view of the Company’s role in society. It is best articulated when put into the context of the Company’s vision and belief, its approach to achieving its purpose and its view of how it will succeed in achieving its purpose, as explained below:

Our Vision is:

to be the world’s premier mass transit operator with services offering leading safety, reliability and environmental standards that customers trust and value

This Vision is rooted
in a Belief that:

driving modal shift from cars to high quality mass transit is fundamental to a safe, green and prosperous future

Our Purpose
therefore is:

to help lead this modal shift by making mass transit an increasingly attractive option for all our customersn whether they are individuals, transport authorities, school boards or businesses. We seek to do this by earning our customers’ loyalty by providing safe, reliable and great value multi-modal services on clean and green vehicles

We will achieve
this through an

that seeks social and environmental leadership to ensure we are a good employer and partner, while using technology to make our services increasingly easier to access, safe and efficient. It is this model of progressive partnership that: delivers industry-leading services for our customers and communities; secures rewarding careers for our people; and generates sustainable returns for our shareholders

We judge
Success as:

being seen by 2030 as the world’s premier mass transit partner, with a reputation for industry-leading safety, reliability and value for money across a portfolio of easily accessible multi-modal services. At the forefront of technological innovation, National Express will lead the transition to zero emission vehicles, maintain its safety leadership and pioneer new ways to access transport. Our staff will see us as an employer of choice and customers will rely on us as an operator they can trust, with services that help meet their needs while also having a positive impact on their communities. This will, in turn, drive strong, consistent returns for our shareholders