National Express Ireland, the latest division of National Express Ltd,  currently operates Dublin Express with plans to expand the services it provides. 


National Express Ireland entered the Irish market in March 2020 with a plan to play a major role in Ireland’s public transport sector. We have built our success on a formula of great value fares for high quality, high frequency, sustainable public transport.

Our first major service offering is Dublin Express, which after less than 12 months has become established as the largest operator of scheduled shuttle services between Dublin Airport and Dublin City.

Over the remainder of 2022 and into 2023, we will build on the success of Dublin Express with more services from the airport to other Dublin locations and intercity destinations. The first phase of this is the new route from the airport to the south of the city launched in April 2022.

We aim to continue to build on this progress and develop our routes throughout Ireland. We have a strong track record in working closely with transport authorities, investing hundreds of millions with local authorities in enhancing public transport networks, investing in zero-emission vehicles and local infrastructure. 


Our other businesses


Our business in the UK has four areas of activity, UK coach, UK bus, accessible transport and corporate and private hire. 


ALSA is the leading company in the Spanish road passenger transport sector, and was acquired by National Express in 2005.

North America

Our business in North America has three areas of activity, student transportation, transit and shuttle services. We operate in 33 US states and three Canadian provinces.