ALSA starts Bilbao trial of HVO - a zero net emission fuel

18 June 2021 9:32 AM

Bilbao Hvo Bus


ALSA, in partnership with Repsol, has started the first pilot test in Spain with HVO, a fuel with zero net emissions. Twelve buses from the Bilbobus fleet will circulate during the next four months through Bilbo, using advanced biofuels made from waste.

HVO is an advanced biofuel that meets the sustainability certifications required by the European Union Renewable Energy Directive and is considered a net zero emissions fuel. The product meets all the technical requirements that guarantee its use in existing vehicles in the Bilbobus fleet, operated by Alsa, without the need for any modifications to the engines.

The project will deliver an approximate reduction of 300 tons of CO2 during the period of the pilot, which aims to demonstrate that advanced biofuels produced from waste are part of the solution to achieve sustainability objectives for transport in Spain.

The pilot test with the Bilbobus fleet is part of ALSA’s innovation strategy, exploring solutions aimed at reducing the footprint of carbon generated by its operation. This forms part of its  commitment to lead the transition towards zero emission fleets in Spain.

Repsol is a key supplier of eco-fuels for transport and is committed to be a net zero emissions company by 2050.

The project has had the participation of the Repsol Technology Lab, from which the fuel for this initiative will be supplied. The lab carries out testing to ensure the fuel complies with all the necessary quality requirements set by the technical and sustainability specifications of the Renewable Energy Directive of the European Union.