National Express bus fares not going up - again

29 December 2021 11:00 AM

NX Coventry Face Masks

National Express West Midlands bus fares are NOT going up in the new year. Again.

Chris Gibbens, Commercial Director for National Express West Midlands, said:

“Although the price of everything seems to be going up at the moment - crisps, fizzy pop, even cat food - bus fares in the West Midlands are not. We have frozen National Express West Midlands’ ticket prices for the fifth year in a row - and we’ve even reduced some of them. 

“The last time our bus tickets were this cheap - £4 for a day saver - it was 2014. Back then, TikTok was what clocks did; we only wore masks at Halloween; and it was also the year Conchita won Eurovision.”

In addition to not raising standard ticket prices, the bus company is cutting some fares. Flexible ticket bundles of 10 day savers have been reduced to £34, which is perfect for people who don’t quite know which days they’ll be going into work in January.

National Express West Midlands 5-day and 10-day flexible ticket bundles give unlimited travel on all National Express West Midlands and National Express Coventry buses anywhere within the West Midlands zone.

And for anyone whose New Year’s resolution is to do a bit more to save the planet, remember that getting the bus - even for the odd journey - is the easiest and cheapest way to keep our air clean and reduce the greenhouse gases you’re responsible for. A five-mile trip on a bus puts out half the carbon than if you go by car.