Alsa and Nextbike launch bike rental service in Leon

25 April 2022 12:00 PM


Alsa & Nextbike's bike rental service in Leon

Alsa, the mobility company, and Nextbike GmbH, today launched a new public bike rental service for the City Council of Leon, with 300 bikes that will help the city to achieve the objective of delivering more sustainable mobility and introduce shared bikes as a public transport option in the city.

The new service meets sustainability, emission reduction and energy efficiency criteria, with the aim of embedding these micro-mobility solutions the urban mobility policies of the city


Leon is the first location where Alsa is operating this type of service. It is a further step in the company's multi-modal ambition, and forms part of its commitment to implement greener, more environmentally friendly mobility solutions in our cities.

Alsa, which currently operates the urban transport services in Leon, has partnered with Nextbike GmbH, a German shared bike systems specialist which operates in 27 countries with more than 80,000 bicycles, included Berlin and Vienna. Nextbike is part of the Tier Mobility Group, the world´s largest multi-modal company of micro-mobility present in more than 520 cities, with more than 300,000 vehicles.

Alsa´s Managing Director, Víctor López, said, “The management of a service we are starting today in Leon shows that multi-modality and the interaction of different mobility solutions are already a reality in our cities. In Alsa we believe in active mobility, a virtuous cycle that, hinged around the public mass transport, is leading us towards more sustainable solutions”.

 “The system launched together with the City Council of Leon is an outstanding example of how, enabled by digitalisation technology, the new solutions of micro-mobility can be arranged and simplified to become more efficient and provide a better service to citizens, and at the same time contributing to our decarbonisation target.


The new bike rental system in Leon will initially have 300 bicycles, distributed across 25 stations across the city. Residents of Leon will be able to use this service for reduced annual subscription of 12 Euros.

This 100% digital service is already operated via its own App and Web ( where users need to register in advance. This system supports the integration of bicycles in the urban public transport network of the city, allowing users to rent a bike using their Mobility Card.

The new bikes are designed to be shared, ensuring an easy operation for everyone. The system designed by Alsa and Nextbike is focused on reinforcing cycling in urban journeys, discouraging the use of private cars.