Alsa at the cutting edge of future development of autonomous connected vehicles

04 July 2022 12:00 PM

Vehiculo Autonomo Conectividad

ALSA, GMV, INDRA, MASERMIC, MASMOVIL, RENAULT GROUP and SIGMA have launched the R3CAV project, putting these partners at the forefront of the technologies needed to develop future autonomous connected vehicles.

The initiatives being worked on include a prototype of an autonomous vehicle for the industrial site at the Renault Factory in Palencia and a vehicle to be used in future as an autonomous shuttle. In addition to the connectivity and communication systems required, there are also autonomous navigation and positioning systems being developed.

Although the launch of the partnership was overshadowed by the pandemic, the partners have now held their first face-to-face work meeting at the Renault Group R&D Centre in Valladolid to continue making headway with this ambitious project, which is part of Spain’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and is being financed with Next Generation EU funds.

It intends to help develop relevant technologies to be used in the automotive sphere; enable a speedy recovery for the sector based on bolstering its innovative capacities; and tackle the challenges of sustainable mobility, zero emissions and connected autonomous vehicles.