Alsa celebrates the 10th anniversary of receiving the first road safety certificate from AENOR

23 November 2022 5:00 PM

Entrega Certificado De AENOR A Alsa 1

Alsa CEO, Francisco Iglesias, receives recognition of the safety certification 10 year anniversary from Javier Mejía, AENOR.

Alsa, the leading mobility company, was the first company in the world to obtain the certificate ISO 39001 for the Management of the Road Safety System of AENOR, launched in 2012.

To coincide with Alsa's annual Safety Week, AENOR presented the company with a special recognition award to mark the tenth anniversary of receiving the certificate. Alsa has been renewing the certificate every year, as an example of its commitment to the safety improvement in their operations.

To gain certification under regulation ISO 39001 companies need to demonstrate the existence of a road safety performance management system. For ten years, Alsa has maintained global safety systems, as part of the Group's Driving Out Harm initiative, with the aim of achieving zero harm.

The implementation of several processes and technologies helped Alsa to significantly reduce accident rates. Since 2012, the company reduced at-fault accident rate by 30% across all its operations. In Morocco at fault accident rates reduced by 61%. The ISO Certificate, also covers Alsa's operations in Switzerland and Portugal.

The recognition award was received by Francisco Iglesias, Alsa CEO, who said, "This certificate is an evidence that the companies committed to follow the certified management systems of AENOR are able to achieve to obtain excellent results. We celebrate these 10 years travelling with AENOR, and we are happy for the driving effect that our leadership in this matter had on our industry, where currently another 80 companies have this certificate in place”.

Javier Mejía, Director of Marketing and Business Development of AENOR, said, “Alsa has been showing that they have an overall understanding of the service they provide to society, and impact they have on sustainability and on road safety. In the last 10 years, our auditors have witnessed Alsa commitment to the on-going improvement in road safety”.

The implementation of the Road Management System according to  ISO 39001 entails three large benefits for the businesses:

  • It promotes a Safe System approach whose objective in the long term is zero road accidents, based on the promotion of the best practices to be developed subject to the analysis of the road safety risks most relevant in the process
  • It avoids significant economic costs and loss of profits in the company, and at the same time may increase productivity and profitability of the business, ensuring maximum safety for all the employees; 
  • It reinforces the importance of the corporate social responsibility, embedding the spirit of a shared commitment to road safety for all the key user of the road network.