Alsa committed to support the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis

22 March 2022 12:00 PM


Alsa drivers welcome their Ukrainians travelling to Spain

Alsa, the mobility company, has helped 500 refugees fleeing the war from Ukraine to travel to Spain from the border of Poland on board buses provided by the company, and chartered by NGOs, Foundations and other aid organisations.

The company offered the fleet and logistical support to collaborate in this humanitarian emergency, and this initial group will be followed by a further 500 refugees

Buses departed from Madrid, Barcelona, Asturias, León and Galicia and after a journey travelling more than 6,000 km, the first 50 refugees, mainly mothers and their children - are  safe in Spain, and being taken care of by NGOs and both public and private entities, with the approval of the Spanish authorities.


In support of this initiative, ALSA employees bought essential items - mainly food and baby milk, nappies and underwear which departed to Ukraine on board the first buses. Many drivers of the company volunteered to help in these transport services for refugees.

In addition, Alsa has set-up an option on its website for customers to donate to UNICEF Spain in order to support the response to the emergency situation in Ukraine. At the end of the ticket purchase process on the website, passengers are offered the chance to donate 1 Euro. The company has committed to double the amounts donated by their customers and employees. 

Recognising the solidarity initiatives implemented by the company, employees, and customers – and as a symbol of support, the company installed a large Ukrainian flag at its central headquarters. Alsa continues to help as many people as possible who are victims of the war in Ukraine.