Alsa launches zero emission boat tours of the Bay of Santander

30 June 2022 12:00 PM

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The Ecocat II tour boat

Alsa reports is launching a new tourism initiative for the summer, with excursions around the Bay of Santander aboard a 100% zero emission boat.

The excursions will use the Ecocat II, an attractively-designed catamaran powered by solar energy, causing minimal impact to the local environment, marine fauna and water quality.

The excursion operate from the Gamazo Dock, Santander, next to the Festival Palace, and lasts one hour. During the circular voyage, visitors will see some of the most significant points in the bay such as the Cantabrian Maritime Museum, the Magdalena Peninsula, the Isla de la Torre (Tower Island) and the Botín Centre.

There will be seven daily departures from Monday to Sunday in July and August, and four a week in September. 

This new initiative from Alsa which give Santander’s tourist activities a boost, is part of the company's environmental commitment to supporting sustainable tourism;