Alsa starts operating bus services in Lisbon

01 June 2022 12:00 PM


The launch of the new bus services in Lisbon

Alsa, the leading mobility company, in partnership with the Grupo Transvia, has started operating bus services in the South-East metropolitan area in Lisbon, with the mobilisation of 227 buses operating a network with 153 routes, and providing mobility for a population of 390,000 people.

This new contract was awarded to Alsa by the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML) in March 2021, including the operation of the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and six other cities in the metropolitan area: Setúbal, Montijo, Palmela, Alcochete, Moita and Barreiro. This contract will be operated for seven years, with a potential extension of two more years, delivering revenue of 185 million Euros over the first seven years and employing 350 people.

To operate this service, Alsa has purchased 227 last-generation buses featuring Euro VI technology, also adding vehicles driven by hybrid, electric and GNC power, reducing emissions to minimum levels, and helping to protect our environment. The fleet vehicles are fitted with the latest developments in onboard safety and comfort, including WiFi, access for people with reduced mobility, and CCTV.

Two maintenance sites for the fleet have been established; the main one located in the city of Moita, which also hosts the Operation Control Centre, and there are also six customer service offices, one in each of the cities covered by the network.

Francisco Iglesias, Alsa´s CEO, said: "The start of operations in Lisbon means a new success for Alsa. The company remains strongly committed to grow in international markets and in the urban transport sector. We are moving forward with our strategy to be the world's leading public mobility operator, and we are confident this will start showing positive results in the near future. I appreciate the efforts and hard work of all our outstanding professional teams, as without them this would not have been possible".

In addition to the kick-off services starting to operate in Lisbon, next year we will start operating the services in Oporto. Then, Alsa will be present operating the transport services of two of the largest cities in Portugal.