Durham Awarded NSTA’s 2022 Go Yellow, Go Green Award for its strong commitment to clean, green fleets

28 July 2022 12:00 PM

2022 NSTA Go Yellow Go Green Award

Pictured: Carina Noble, Senior Vice President, Communications and External Affairs, and Nick Voisard, Senior Director of Electric Vehicles - North America, with the Go Yellow, Go Green Award

Durham School Services (DSS) was awarded the National School Transportation Association (NSTA)’s Go Yellow, Go Green Award on 26 July, at NSTA’s 2022 Annual Meeting and Convention for demonstrating strong commitment and initiative to clean fleets and environmental responsibility.

The award recognizes Durham School Services and two of its operations located in Norwalk, Connecticut, and Fairbanks, Alaska, for the steps they’ve taken to transition to a green fleet. As a leading, environmentally responsible company, Durham School Services aims to transition to an all zero-emission fleet by 2035.

Durham School Services’ Norwalk, CT, location operates a 100% propane auto gas-powered fleet of 70 buses. This unique fuel combination provides cleaner tailpipe emissions, which improves air quality and reduces vehicle operating noise levels when compared to a diesel-powered fleet.

The fleet of 134 buses in Fairbanks, AK, is a new generation of 100% gasoline-powered buses and is also equipped with fuel-fired heaters to supplement passenger heating. This, in turn, minimizes the need to idle during sub-zero operating conditions, thus reducing harmful emissions. Furthermore, the use of gasoline buses reduces diesel emission particulates and improves air quality through an associated reduction in tailpipe emissions.

“This recognition for Durham School Services’ efforts towards transitioning to a more environmentally conscious fleet is a significant achievement for us,” said Bob Ramsdell, Chief Operations Officer, Student Transportation Division. “Our teams are dedicated to adopting more environmentally friendly practices whenever possible. I am proud of our progress thus far and am in full anticipation of further expanding our electric vehicle and sustainability efforts to all our customer service center locations, as well as achieving our goal of transitioning to a completely zero-emission fleet by 2035.”

In addition to transitioning to green fleets, Durham has made other steps toward sustainability. These steps include participating in electric vehicle maintenance training, recycling and repurposing bus parts and fluids, optimizing energy use at our bus locations via LED fixtures, various community events related to environmental sustainability, such as park clean-ups, Adopt-a-Highway programs, recycling, bus donations, and more.

Durham is committed to playing its part in reducing the world’s carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable future.