National Express West Midlands pays a visit to the Deaf Cultural Centre

25 August 2022 9:00 AM

Deaf Cultural Centre

Young members at BID Services attend National Express West Midlands workshop

Young members at BID Services, based at the Deaf Cultural Centre in Birmingham have expressed their newfound confidence to travel independently on public transport, thanks to a support workshop offered by National Express West Midlands.

The centre, based on Ladywood Road, is the UK’s first and only Deaf Cultural Centre which provides a space where deaf culture is celebrated, explored and represented through a number of art and community projects as well as social events.

The workshop saw National Express West Midlands help over 30 young people improve their confidence by learning how to travel safely and independently on the bus.

Jo Carlton, Projects Team Leader at BID Services, said: “We are extremely grateful to National Express West Midlands for their support. Helping the younger people in the deaf community to improve their confidence to travel both safely and independently is so important.

“The workshop has provided them with invaluable experience that they can incorporate into everyday life. It’s vital that they are able to learn these skills in a safe environment and we hope that together with National Express West Midlands we can help support even more young people in the near future.”

The workshop was attended by students from various schools across the area. They were able to explore the bus and familiarise themselves with the layout as well as request a fare to their chosen destination.

Students also had the opportunity to ask any questions, with National Express staff ensuring youngsters were aware that bus drivers will support them if they have any difficulties or concerns whilst travelling.

Paul Nash, Driving Training Officer at National Express West Midlands, said: “We are always looking at what more we can do to help each and every individual have the confidence to travel independently on public transport, whether it be to school, home or to enjoy a day out.

“We provide disability awareness training for our drivers to support our customers who have different types of disabilities. As well as this, it is really important that we’re out in the community working together with local organisations like the Deaf Cultural Centre.”

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