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The National Express Foundation is a key element of National Express UK support for the wider community.


The Foundation was created following the public order disturbances in July 2011, which highlighted the issues facing young people living in inner-city areas. The disturbances involved a disproportionate number of people in the 15-24 year age group. Unemployment, boredom and lack of motivation among this group were all cited as factors. Ten years on, these factors are still as relevant now as they were when the Foundation launched, particularly as local authority spending on youth provision has continued to fall.

Young people across the UK are also facing new challenges, particularly those associated with daily living. The cost of living has increased, key youth services, such as local community centres, continue to reduce in numbers, and the consequences of the pandemic and reduced social interaction and education are still being felt by young people, particularly from a wellbeing perspective.

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Nex Foundation Founding 2017

To help groups that support young people continue to build back from the pandemic, the trustees of the Foundation have chosen to use its 2023 funding round to support initiatives which fit into one or more of the following funding themes.

  • Diversionary Activities - Initiatives that specifically focus on engaging with young people, providing them support and detering anti-social behaviour 
  • Environmental - Initiatives could include but are not limited to: encouraging young people to engage with the outdoors and support their environment
  • Employability - Initiatives that directly or indirectly equip young people with skills, experience or qualifications that will support them gaining access to employment
  • Wellbeing - Initiatives that positively impact or provide support to young people through physical activity, mental health and social interaction

Our funding programme for 2023 is now open to all community groups delivering services across the UK.

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How to apply

Applications for the 2023 National Express Foundation funding programme are now open.

You can read more details about how we consider applications, or how to apply, on our application process page.


About us

The Foundation, launched in 2012, holds charitable status - Registered Charity Number 1148231. All National Express Foundation engagement is part of National Express UK, it welcomes donations to support its work. If you are interested in donating to the Foundation or partnering with us in some way outside of our funding programme, please contact us at 

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