ALSA works with the Integra Foundation

The Integra Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 2001 whose objective is to integrate people with a disability or who are at risk social exclusion into the world of work.

Integra Foundation
Community & Environment

It serves as a link between more than 100 NGOs and more than 60 companies who want to give these people an opportunity, thereby achieving their real integration in society.

The Foundation's objective is the search for a normal job for people who, due to various circumstances, find special difficulties in achieving real integration in society. It believes this cannot be achieved until these people obtain a job and are integrated in the normal process of economic self-sufficiency, thereby improving their personal, social and occupational self-esteem. In its 10 years of activity the Integra Foundation has achieved the hiring of more than 2,100 people who have been able to rebuild their lives thanks to a more stable job.

ALSA has been a supporter of the Foundation since 2001 and collaborates through the labour integration of its staff with people belonging to excluded groups referred by the Integra Foundation.  It also makes an annual financial contribution. The Foundation's Trust is chaired by Ana Botella, Social Affairs Councilor at the Madrid City Council, and ALSA is represented by its president, Jorge Cosmen.