Our ambition is to be the leader in every market we operate in, trusted to deliver service excellence, consistently

Aim (the NX Difference)

To deliver our ambition we target:

  • the highest excellence credential in each country;
  • 100% on-time performance; and
  • zero in service failures.
Approach (the NX Promise)

We aim to lead the market in delivering excellence, which helps to increase standards and also drive revenue growth, margin progression and cash generation.

To become the trusted leader in our markets, we have to achieve operational excellence, day in, day out. This can only be achieved if we have the right supporting systems and processes in place in our business.

Our Delivering Excellence programme has continued to embed a culture of excellence across the Group by drawing on examples of best practice both within our existing businesses and adopting them from external organisations.

Progress against our ambition

Our Delivering Excellence team continued to drive a number of initiatives during the year. A significant focus was on improving the processes which manage employee scheduling and drive payroll costs in North America.

Across the Group our drive for excellence has resulted in recognition from a number of external bodies. ALSA received the European Sport and Healthy Company Award in 2020 awarded by ACES Europe for the ‘For your Health’ program. Our UK bus and coach businesses retained five-star ratings in their British Safety Council audits.

In North America, 20 of our maintenance teams received Blue Seal of Excellence awards from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence – recognising the quality and standards we demand.

Grant Shapps And Eric Tromans 2021 Values Award 1

Trusted to deliver service excellence, consistently

Group policies

Our Group Values make clear our priority and commitment. 

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Social capital

Improving the accessibility and affordability of public transport is central to our business.

Human capital

Our ambition is to be the place to work in mass transit.


Our aim is to be the world’s greenest mass transit operator.