Prompt intervention helps colleague suffering a stroke

07 February 2022 12:00 PM

Selena Ellis

Selena Harris, Assitant General Manager, Halifax, NS

In early February, Selena Ellis, Assistant General Manager from our team in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was monitoring drivers checking in while working in dispatch. She noticed that one driver was not checked in yet - he is typically very punctual - so Selena opted to call him to see why he was delayed.

While talking with the driver, he was very repetitive in his responses to her, and they were not making any sense. After Selena spoke with him, she called her General Manager, Darryl Amirault, immediately to advise him of the situation and express her concerns that something was wrong. They both agreed that, based on their experience, he could be experiencing a stroke.

Selena contacted 911 immediately, and an ambulance and the police were dispatched to the driver's home. They were able to locate him and rush him to the emergency where they determined he was indeed suffering from a stroke and were able to successfully treat him. Selena's actions and thoughtfulness helped save her coworker's life, once again showing that not all heroes wear capes.

Our driver is still in the hospital but is making steps towards recovery. Selena’s story captured media attention, and she was featured in an article published by CBC Canada.