Alsa takes a further step in its commitment to sustainable mobility

10 October 2022 12:00 PM

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All urban buses operated by Alsa in Spain will be zero emission by 2035

Alsa's Sustainability Report setting out the progress made in terms of sustainability and its contribution to the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs) in 2021, has been published.

New in this year's report, and verified by Aenor according to GRI standards, is the inclusion of the international activity of the company, and the commitments and goals related to the SDOs most impacted by Alsa activity: sustainability (SDO 11), safety (SDO 3) and equal opportunities (SDO 5).

As an operator of sustainable mobility, the most significant challenges are decarbonisation and the reduction of emissions. In this area, Alsa has extended its environmental commitment with the objective that all urban buses operated by the company in Spain will become zero emission by 2035. The same objective has been set for 2040 for long haul coaches.


In addition to the environmental commitments, the report sets out the achievements and objectives for responsible management in the different areas of the company.

Reporting safety performance, the at-fault accident rate dropped over the last year by 20% in Long Haul services and by 60% in the operations in Morocco. The company's objective is that 100% of the fleet will be equipped with smart cameras by 2040.

In its customer experience, Alsa regained Passenger trust in bus services for their travels, and the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) exceeded pre-pandemic levels, with an average of 8.07 points.

Alsa has continued to make progress in its equality policies. Currently, the percentage of female employees in Spain is 15.23%, and the company has committed to increase this percentage up to 25% by 2035.


Alsa reduced total Greenhouse gases emissions by 10.5% since 2015. This reduction was underpinned by the 131 vehicles already operating and driven by eco or zero emission alternative technology added to the fleet in 2021, with an investment of 46 million Euros.

By the end of the year, 13% of the Alsa fleet was powered by a wide range of clean technologies. A highlight in this transitional process to zero emission fleet was the launch of the first hydrogen 100% electric bus operating in Spain in a regular urban bus route in the village of Torrejón de Ardoz, near Madrid.

Last year Alsa offered our customers the option to offset the carbon footprint of their trips. This enabled the launch of the Alsa Forest initiative in Congosto de Valdavia, Palencia. This reforesting plan has already replanted eight hectares in this area of enormous ecological value that was destroyed in a huge forest fire in 2020.

Working in the Community, Alsa has in place partnership agreements with 28 foundations and NGOs, and 59 universities. The Social Responsibility policy of the company focuses on actions to help improving the employability of people with disabilities and/or at risk of exclusion, by supporting entities like Plena Inclusión and Fundación Integra.


Download the Alsa Sustainability Report 2021