Emer McNally

Group Chief Information Officer


Emer McNally is a seasoned CIO with a career spanning major international companies including Procter & Gamble, Rio Tinto, McDonald’s and National Grid.

With experience across such a breadth of sectors, Emer brings deep insight into the value technology can bring to customers and colleagues alike and builds technology and digital teams that deliver exceptional results.

In October 2022, Emer joined National Express as Group CIO and is looking forward to bringing her technology and digital experience to deliver the Evolve strategy and achieve the Group’s strategic ambition to encourage the shift towards public transport.


Business model

We believe that the Group has created a number of value drivers that differentiate us from our peers as a leading operator in this critical sector. 

Our strategy

Three strategic priorities drive the business forward

What we do

National Express Group is a leading international public transport operator, diversified internationally and by business area.